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Patient Testimonials

"I went to Dr. Wangsgard because I was experiencing sensitivity when I would bite down or chew solid food.  It was discovered that I had a small pocket of infection from an old root canal.  This concerned me because I had knee replacement surgery 9 years ago and I did not want this infection to spread to my artificial knee.  Dr. Wangsgard was able to expedite my appointment and got me right in to remove the tooth.  He cleaned out the infection and placed an implant.  The treatment was fantastic and Dr. Wangsgard was very professional in his concern, care, and treatment.  I have moved all my families' dental records to his office. "
- K.C.

"Dr. Wangsgard is a superb dentist!  I am usually very nervous at the dentist, but he was so friendly, confident and able to put me at ease.  I was missing both lateral incisors for 8 years and had to wear a removable appliance every day. When Dr. Wangsgard met with me he was well prepared with all of my options and was honest about what he thought I should do, but let me decide which direction to go. After my decision was made, he was proactive in contacting my insurance company with a letter to explain the necessity of the work needed, so that we could be sure that my insurance would cover some of the cost. This was a more delicate procedure because I needed to replace all my top front teeth, so they needed to look really nice and natural.  He followed up with me after every single appointment to make sure that everything was ok.  Thanks to Dr. Wangsgard I now have a movie star smile that I love to show off. "
- Diana S.

"Getting my teeth properly taken care of is very important to me. After looking for over a year I was so relieved to find a dentist who took both his time and his expertise in taking care of my dental needs. He put me at ease and made me feel calm and comfortable while I was in the dental chair. He was always willing to answer my questions before we started each appointment. I had been grinding my teeth for years and had jaw pain as a result. I needed 8 crowns placed to get my bite back in working function. At each visit Dr. Wangsgard gave me the care I needed and always followed up with phone calls making sure I was doing well. Thank you Dr. Wangsgard for giving me my smile back and getting me out of pain. "
- Jeff W.

"4 years ago I was involved in an accident that left me with multiple broken teeth. For 3 years I had been going to many dentists and after multiple visits of pulling teeth and placing bridges I became frustrated with the way I was treated and the services provided. I felt self-conscious about my smile. I was talking to a co-worker and she recommended for me to see Dr. Wangsgard. On the first visit Dr. Wangsgard really listened to my concerns. I told him that I hadn't eaten a steak in multiple years due to my tooth pain and teeth breaking down. Dr. Wangsgard took the time to discuss multiple treatment options and explain the pros and cons of each option. I had over 20 teeth pulled, multiple implants placed and a new upper and lower denture made. Due to the professional help and care that I received from Dr. Wangsgard I am eating better, gaining back my weight that I have lost in the last 3 years. Life is good again. "
- Steve M.

"I've always been a little scared and timid about going to the dentist. There was always so much pain involved when we went to the dentist that I would start to shake and sweat profusely.  Last week I went to have broken front tooth worked on with Dr. Wangsgard.  I didn't really know what to expect when he said he had been trained in pain-free anesthesia delivery.  I thought to myself, "well I think this probably means that it would mostly be pain-free." Dr. Wangsgard's delivery of anesthesia and the entire procedure I experienced was completely pain-free. This was one of the best dental work experiences I have ever had.  Dr. Wangsgard and his entire staff treated me wonderfully from the moment I got to their office.  They made me feel like my condition was the most important thing they had to do.

Dr. Wangsgard and his staff explained in great detail the many options of repair that were available to me with my condition. They also gave me some great tips of how to better take care of my front teeth. I liked that his advice also included how to look to the future and things I could do to maximize my good oral health. I strongly recommend Dr. Wangsgard to everyone. "
- Lamont H.

"I am both a patient of Marc Collman, DDS and as an Ear, Nose and Throat physician I have also been able to work along side of Dr. Collman as we performed surgeries in the oral cavity together.  So I feel that I have the unique perspective of observing him from a patient's perspective and from a fellow medical provider's perspective.  I can honestly say that he is thorough, kind, gentle, and knowledgeable. His friendly and talkative nature is very calming.  His dental skills and technique are excellent.  I go to him.  I would trust my family to him and would not hesitate to send any of my patients to him.  He is really at the top of the class for dentists in our community.  "
- Doug A.

"Our family found Dr. Collman many years ago and cannot say enough good things about him and his caring staff. For over the past decade, our lives have been better with him in it due to his honesty, caring nature and work ethic have captured our loyalty for life. We are grateful and give our highest recommendation for his continual care. "
- Orluff O.

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